Quran Discussion Boards


June 12, 2021

Al-Bayan is a unique translation of the Qur’an – it uses the Qur’an’s language and context to derive the meanings of verses, chapters and groups, to enable understanding of Allah’s message. The contemporary traditional translations, however, are based on transliteration. They draw meanings of verses in the light of anecdotes transferred through traditions (Riwayaat) in conjunction the events and circumstances of their revelation. Consequently, these translations come across as a collection of haphazard verses and chapters specifying Shariah (law) and stories of past prophets, which some readers find difficult to relate to.

Al-Bayan has made it possible to understand the subject matter of the Qur’an. It informs us that Qur’an narrates events of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) mission, as they happened. The mission was aimed at  communicating the reasoning about the truth of Allah’s warning with such clarity that no excuses remain after that.

To put it simply, this class is an opportunity to learn Allah’s message, when understood based on the Qur’an’s structure and discover how that learning introduces you to a concept of Allah and the religion, entirely different to the traditional concept.

“Oh you who believe, if you help Allah, He will surely help you…” -Quran 47:7