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About Al-Mawrid

A Foundation for Islamic Research and Education. As a legatee of the rich intellectual tradition in Muslim history, al-Mawrid is a unique institution of learning. A deep concern over the dearth of suitable approaches to Islamic learning in our times gave birth to this institution at the dawn of the Fifteenth Century Anno Higerae (AH). [1] Lost in the maze of sectarian prejudices and political wrangling, the true message of Islam, based on the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah, has become alien to the Muslims.

Our Story

As an institution, Al-Mawrid is a name that symbolizes the effort to redress this problem. Therefore, the basic objective of this institution is facilitation and perpetuation of explanatory and research work on the true understanding of Islam, the publication and mass communication of this understanding through all possible means, and augmentation of people’s knowledge and education through its dissemination.


“Oh you who believe, if you help Allah, He will surely help you…”

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Our Team

Haris Ali

Managing Director – Treasurer/Event management

Haaris Ali is a data analytics professional. He is one of the founding members of Al-Mawrid Australia. He has a keen interest in religious studies with a particular focus on Farahi school of thought’s approach towards understanding Islam. He has volunteered for the organization since 2015.

Dr Zulfiqar Khan

Director and Resident Educator

Dr Zulfiqar Khan is the founder and first Managing Director of Al-Mawrid Australia. He has a huge interest in religious studies and has been conducting weekly Sunday classes since 2010.

Farrukh Khan


Farrukh has served the organization as treasurer since 2015. Farrukh is one of the founding member of AlMawrid Australia . Farrukh is also on the teaching panel of Al-Mawrid. He is a finance professional with CA qualifications from Pakistan and Australia.

Rafiq Khatim

Director and Secretary

Board Member and Task Champion for Youth Engagement. Day work: Project Management Professional currently working in Renewables.

Side Hassles:

1 – Product , business development.

2 -Runs YouTube channel for kids

Faraz Hussain


Faraz has been following Javed Ahmad Ghamidi’s approach towards understanding Islam since 2009 and over time has developed an appreciation for Maulana Farahi’s school of thought. He is a regular attendee of the Melbourne Quranic Study circle.

He has been the secretary of Al-Mawrid Australia from 2014 until 2021. Currently, he is serving as Director of Al-Mawrid Australia’s board.

Salman Syed

Manager Social Media

Salman Syed joined Al-Mawrid Australia in 2019. He has keen interest in inter-Sect and religious studies, this includes not only the conventional thought of Islam but also a comparison with Farahi School of thought. He often shares his thoughts and research over social media. He conducts Quran Classes over Facebook. He also works as an Anti-Money Laundering Analyst in ING Bank